Jeremy Belly

Jeremy Belly

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First Name * Jeremy
Last Name * Belly
Username * JeremyBelly02
Country * Belgium
City Bruxelles
Nationality French
Languages EnglishFrenchSpanish



Availability: Freelance


I worked in these fields since 1998 first as a professional then learner and student (autodidact / graduation in 3d design for games and movies) :

· Press Design (print, packaging).

· Motion Design for TV ( france 2 "union libre" P.Prod).

· Textile Design.

· 3D real-time entertainment for amusement park and museum (4.7 years, full time post).

· Painting for Galleries and Shops.

· Paintings for a Museum.

· Illustration for French Electronic Music (Vinyls production).

I am also passionate by : History, Sociology, Novels, Cinema, Videos games and Comic from an early age.

I am a social person who likes to share, communicate and argue my point if necessary.